Vehicle Inspection Software

Maintain airtight compliance with an electronic inspections and issue management system.

Fleetio Inspections: How It Works

Fleetio Inspections is an intuitive, smartphone-based solution that helps you manage and track the inspections process end-to-end. Choose between our pre built DVSA complaint forms or Create custom inspection forms and manage reported defects electronically. Digital Defect Forms are quickly accessible through a mobile app from anywhere, helping you prove safety and compliance on the road.

Driver inspects vehicle and records findings in mobile app.

Results appear in Fleetio and the fleet manager schedules repairs.

Vehicle repairs are completed and recorded against the original inspections report.

The driver confirms the issue is resolved in their next inspection.

The vehicle is road-ready with a fully compliant inspections report.

Easy, Reliable Electronic Vehicle Inspections

Relieve drivers from the burden of paper inspection forms and improve inspection quality, all from an existing smartphone or tablet.
Unlike paper, electronic inspection reports are accessible anytime, anywhere with Fleetio.

Pre loaded DVSA Guide Maintaining Road Worthiness Forms.

We have converted our entire range of Defect & Reporting Pads in to digital forms for your use.
You can now amend our popular forms by adding or removing fields sections.

Tailored Forms & Checklists

Every fleet is unique. Inspect vehicles, trailers, equipment or anything you like. With Fleetio inspections, forms can be customized to meet your fleet’s specific inspections criteria and can easily be adjusted as needs change.

Powerful Fleet Insight

Increase visibility into fleet operations. With inspections stats such as most failed inspection items and vehicles, you’ll get a better picture of overall vehicle health and performance trends.

Monitor Inspection Integrity

Do your drivers "pencil whip" from the driver's seat? Fleetio automatically tracks the GPS location of every inspection item on a form, alerting you to potential untrustworthy submissions. Adjust thresholds to customize sensitivity for proximity and distance, helping you fine-tune alerts.